Aquarela Sabol (“Aquarela”) is a Miami based street artist, fine artist, installation artist, and overall visual creator of Slovak-American descent. She studied fine art at Columbia Chicago, however her growth as a hands on creatorreally began when she started painting street art and creating custom site-specific art installations of various mediums. Aqua re la’s artistic style is a fusion of illustration, print design, and portraiture (human or animal). Context, Ii minality and imagination stand out as key characteristics in her work, with favorite themes exploring modern culture and characters through subtle shifts in unconscious perspective, which she terms ‘everyday surrealism’. Aquarela’s street art murals can be seen throughout Wynwood, rooftop lounges in So Be, Tulum, LA, Houston, Salem, and 3 boroughs in New York.

She has shown at the MOMA design store in NYC, and painted an onsite custom mural in the VIP lounge at the prestigious Sotheby’s Manhattan Auction House during the 2017 Contemporary, Modern & Impressionist Auction, commissioned by the BACCARAT HOTEL. Other clients include The Related Group, Starwood, 1 Hotels (Central Park, Brooklyn, South Beach), The Jeremy Hotel, Hilton, Nobu, Johnathan Waxman’s Jams Restaurant, American Eagle stores, Arie stores, Suviche and numerous clubs and venues throughout Miami. Recently, she just completed a mural and an art installation for Red Rooster’s newest location in Overtown Miami, paying homage to the rich historical achievements of black musicians, artists and businesses that made Overtown the Harlem of the South.

Artist Work

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