Thank you for your interest in participating in the Concours. What would a race-inspired weekend of activities be without cars, cars, and more cars! The MSW Concours is a showcase of local supercars, classics, and more. These cars will be lined up daily around the Big Fountain and right up against Biscayne Bay. As you can imagine there is limited space at the Park and we have strict guidelines for fan safety. In order to be considered as a participant you must first fill out this form. Even if we accept your application, it does not guarantee acceptance. Additionally, due to the nature of MSW Concours, how long cars will be on-site and other factors, we cannot guarantee you a space even if you have been accepted. 

Which Day(s) do you plan on participating in the MSW Concours? 

We understand there is no specific time you can be at the event and leave. The information below is that we can best gauge the numbers of cars arriving and how we can accommodate them so we can give everyone an opportunity to participate. You may choose more than one day and time. 

Please keep in mind that we are under strict rules from City officials as to how many cars we can have I the park, how they come in, location, parking, and other restrictions. We appreciate you adhering to the times as best you can. By submitting this application, it does not guarantee a spot into the Concours. We have limited space and times to accommodate everyone. You will be contacted via email to confirm your participation.
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