Victor Gosa

GOSA’s artwork, which has been showcased at Basel House, Ampersand Studio Miami and SLS South Beach, is branded with the number of days the artist has been alive. Each piece is a tribute to living in the moment — the number featured on a particular work is unique to the collectible. In a world where people are often recognized after they’ve passed, GOSA wants to remind us that there is talent deserving of our attention and appreciation right now.

Pulling inspiration from music and pop culture, GOSA’s vivid art ranges from edgy to whimsical, often juxtaposing cultural icons such as Darth Vader, Mike Tyson and the Rolling Stones with vibrant hues and text that serve as a colorful expression of the artist’s mood on a particular day. GOSA also works with several mediums, including canvas and sculpture. 


Artist Work

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