Jec Star

JEC Star, better known as Jose E Colon. As native New Yorker growing up in Washington Heights in the late 60’s. Washington Heights the birth place of Graffiti is where I first wrote my tag first personalized on a building wall. From that day my tag went from markers on building walls to spray paint on the NYC subway trains and train stations. My tag is unique in style, the curvitures in my writing and the symbol I use, as opposed to street numbers has been named a star, so JEC Star became a weapon I used to survive at that crazy time and place.

I first started on this journey with fellow writers Mike 171 and SJK171 until June 1973 when I joined the US Marine Corps, I had written my last tag. As an Original Member of United Graffiti Artist 1972 (UGA), the NY Times placed my tag on the front page, an article called “ semi retired graffiti scrawler paint mural at CCNY” Dec 1972, which led me on a path to be to be placed in the History of American Graffiti Book 2005.

I’ve been featured in the documentary “Wall Writers, Graffiti in its innocence 2011” and have had my early art work exhibited in Beyond The Streets 2018 Ca, and 2019 NYC. With pride I was bestowed the greatest Honor a Graffiti artist can achieve, In 2019 I was inducted into the Museum of Graffiti as a Graffiti Pioneer.

Artist Work

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