Luis Berros (Born 1970) is a lifelong “semi-native” of South Florida, having been born in Jersey City, NJ before moving with his family to Miami as a child. When he demonstrated ability and an interest in art his parents brought him to an art teacher in an effort to channel his energy away from his other talent, mischief.

Spending several years as a student in Lesver de Quiros’ studio he developed his skill working with oil and canvas and gained a sensibility for color, composition and the undeniable power of fine art.

Finding an outlet for his creativity, and a welcoming community in the fledgling graffiti culture  of South Florida in the early 1980’s, Luis took part in this emerging art form and  experienced firsthand the power of art without limits.  Today he has become engrossed by the underlying narrative of his work, which is to accelerate fine art and street art along the same plane and document the collision.

When Luis isn’t painting he is living, loving and laughing with his two wonderful children. All of whom have a talent for mischief.


Artist Work

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