Wheel Barro

Ryan Ferrell, aka The Wheelbarrow is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Miami.

Wheelbarrow’s fine art has taken a twisted turn for the odd and abstract. His amorphous style of organic drawing has grown from tiny pencil drawings on paper to massive walls with spray paint. His work continues to grow with technique and mediums ranging from screen printing to watercolors.

Ryan is also the originator of LIVE FASHION VANDALISM©. Since 2002, he has been pushing the limits of this unique style of performance screen-printing, creating a unique style of “typographic expressionism” and turning your clothing into a 1 of 1 works of art right before your eyes. Wheelbarrow has collaborated with brands, big and small, performed at over 300 events throughout South Florida, Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, as well as exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and UK.

Artist Work

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